Today is a historic end to the NFL Concussion Settlement.
The US Supreme Court refused to hear further appeals on the fairness of
settlement. This was the case that I originated when no one ever gave it a
fighting chance. It is because of my efforts that players now have an> opportunity to share in the NFL’s billions.

This settlement also brings about some sincere thoughts that
come to mind.

First, I hope this settlement compensates the families of Mike Webster,
Terry Long and Justin Strzelczyk. After all, this lawsuit was based on
their diagnoses of CTE.

Second, I hope that the former players who have documented qualifying
diagnoses are paid quickly as well. In other words, I hope that the
settlement claims processing is not run like the NFL disability system where
every claim is delayed and denied.

Third, I hope that the small group of former players who
decided to continue to litigate against the NFL will prevail with their
claims, especially those who I continue to represent.
If you have any questions about the case against the NFL or
Riddell, I welcome your contact.