Does the NFL Concussion Settlement Mean the Players Will Get the Help They Need?

The NFL Settlement is designed to compensate the individuals previously employed by the NFL, who have suffered or continue to suffer from brain injury. The funds will be distributed to those who qualify in hopes that those former players, and their families, will become whole once again, and to cover all medical expenses and economic losses from their brain injuries.

That is the hope; however, there is truly no amount of money that can compensate for all of the pain and suffering that has been endured by the players and their families. Unfortunately when glass is shattered there is rarely enough super glue to fix what once was. So now, we as a society throw money at any issue that arises, believing that money is better than super glue, because now you can buy a whole new item that is not broken. The truth is, that is not the case here, you cannot buy your memories that are forever forgotten, your family’s heartache, or the life you once had. There is no compensation that can rectify all the lives that have been ruined.

I started this litigation knowing this to be true, but I wanted to help in any way I could. I know that I cannot fix the past, but I hope that this settlement can, in some way, help relieve some of the financial stress that has been weighing on these players backs for years. It is my hope that these former players can afford to receive all the medical care they require without having to empty their own pockets or reach out to our government for assistance.

Truthfully, I brought this litigation for more than the players who have already suffered. I brought this litigation to spread awareness so that other players and families were aware of what could become their future if they did not protect against repeated brain trauma. If this litigation has helped even one person to realize the medical consequences, and has prevented any player, or any family from having to go through this devastation, then I have done my job.