Do Those that Play Sports Assume the Risk of Injury?

I remember it well; one of the first interviews a client of mine gave. He was a former All-Pro and two time Super Bowl Champion.  He was asked whether he knew that football was dangerous and that he could get hurt. His reply spoke volumes. He said, “ I knew I would leave the game with bad knees and broken bones, I knew I could even break my neck someday. But, nobody ever told me that I could lose my mind by the time I reached my forties.”

In fact, how could an athlete know that concussions and head trauma was a concern? They were told to shake it off, let their head clear for a moment, use some smelling salts and get back in the game. Athletes were never told their brains were at a greater risk for head damage.

Today, athletes now know the full risks of head trauma and concussions. However, years ago this information was not provided.

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