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Denied benefits, delayed payments, and the bureaucratic roadblocks of the NFL’s concussion settlement

As of March 13, 1,703 former players had submitted claims for monetary awards since the process began nearly a year ago, and only 156 — less than 10 percent — had received payments of a combined $150 million. The NFL has funded an additional $56 million for 45 other players, but the payments had yet to be made for various reasons.


Nearly half of Patriots on first 3 Super Bowl-winning teams report brain injuries

Some 42 of about 100 Patriots who were members of New England’s first three Super Bowl title teams have alleged in a landmark class-action concussion suit against the NFL and the helmet maker Riddell that they have experienced symptoms of brain injuries caused by the repetitive head impacts they absorbed in games and practices.


Gastineau pleads for Goodell to help him, ailing NFL players

The former New York Jets star said during a radio interview on 710 WOR Radio in New York that aired Thursday night that he wants ailing players to be taken care of by the NFL. The 61-year-old Gastineau announced last year that he was diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, and believes the conditions are the result of brain trauma from playing in the NFL for 10 seasons.