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Are lighter football helmets safer? California company banking on it

Gripping the facemask, Nick Esayian held up a football helmet from one of the most recognized brands in the game. He put it down and then offered the helmet his company has begun to manufacture out of a small warehouse space in Carlsbad. The difference in weight was striking. The Riddell Speed Flex helmet comes in at 5.2 pounds. The new LIGHT Helmet LS1 is 3 pounds.


New Technology Strives to Ensure a Properly Fit Football Helmet For Every Player

The NFL receives the highest television ratings of all pro sports, and football continues to have the highest rates of participation for high school boys in the country (compared to other sports), yet the dangers of playing the game have never been more visible. As a result, parents are hesitant to give their kids permission to play. The irony of this safety ‘enlightenment’ for the game of football is that coaches, community leaders and companies are stepping up to plate to deliver solutions that make the game safer than ever before.