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Three Former UCLA Football Players Hit NCAA, UCLA and Jim Mora with Injury Lawsuits

Yesterday, former UCLA football player John Lopez filed suit against the NCAA, UCLA, Jim Mora, Adrian Klemm, and head football trainer Anthony Venute claiming, according to TMZ, “they didn’t do enough to protect him both before he suffered concussions and afterward.” He is also saying that he suffered “short-term memory loss, depression and ‘drastic changes in his demeanor.’” while claiming that the effects from the head injuries caused him to attempt to commit suicide in December 2016.


Healthy Living: Concussions, the invisible injury

The soccer game was tied 1-1, with five minutes left in the period. The opposing team had earned a corner kick and kicked the ball high, setting up the teammate for a possible goal. Hannah came in from the defending team to block the kick. Suddenly, she was body checked from the back. She never saw it coming. Hannah’s head was flung forward and hit the ground, hard. Then everything went black.