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Why the fight continues

Almost five years after filing the first two lawsuits against the NFL, attorney Jason Luckasevic remains dedicated to spreading awareness about the dangers of brain injuries in sports. He is passionate about changing the conversation and saving lives.

What is a concussion?

A concussion is the most common traumatic brain injury and initially least serious. In most cases, a concussion occurs after a sudden blow to the head that causes a violent jarring of the brain. A hit to the body can also have a similar effect on the brain.

How can you prevent a concussion?

The very nature of head injuries is unpredictability, making absolute prevention impossible. Precautions such as wearing a seat belt, exercise and education exist to minimize the risks and keep the brain as safe as possible.

Don't let a concussion ruin your game

Hiding a concussion can cause a lifetime of disability. Report your bump on the head because it's better to miss one game than a whole season. The PA Safety in Youth Sports Act requires a medical professional clear you before return-to-play is allowed. Know the signs. Play smart. Get cleared.