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Remembering Kelly Catlin: Concussion questions follow death of beloved Olympic cyclist

Pressure was Kelly Catlin’s constant and silent companion. That pressure helped boost Catlin to great athletic and academic heights, turning her into a “warrior princess,” as her father called her. After Catlin ended her own life in her Stanford University residence last week, those who knew her were left thinking about both that constant pressure and whether a head injury she suffered late last year contributed to her suicide.


How Proactive TBI Measures Could Change Football for the Better

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are common in American football, and we’re only now starting to learn just what a devastating effect they can have on a person over the long term. While TBIs can happen in a variety of different ways, under many different circumstances, they tend to be most common, and perhaps most dangerous, when people are competing in sports that promote violent contact—like American football.