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Colorado projects (funded by Pac-12) aim to reduce, and understand, concussions

U.S. Route 36 extends for more than 200 miles through the midsection of Colorado. In the center of the state, it’s better known as the Denver-Boulder Turnpike, providing scenic views of the Flatirons to the northwest and downtown Denver to the southeast.Given the potentially groundbreaking research underway at each end, a more appropriate moniker for the turnpike might be Head Trauma Highway.


Horse Racing Doesn’t Have a Standard Concussion Protocol For Jockeys. Now, California Wants To Create One.

After riding horses for 37 years — much of it as a professional jockey — Frank Alvarado has seen his share of head injuries. “A few times I don’t remember anything,” he said with a heavy Panamanian accent. “The only thing I remember is when I wake up in the hospital and — what am I doing here? And they say, ‘You fell.’”