The Concussion Healing Process-How YOU Can Help.

According to the CDC most people that suffer concussions will fully heal eventually. However, the speed of the healing process depends on several factors. The CDC includes the following factors:

  • Severity of concussion
  • Age
  • The individual’s health before the concussion
  • How the individual takes care of themselves after the concussion

The CDC recommends the following ways to take care of yourself:

  • REST!

This is extremely important. Rest helps your brain heal. Concussions are very difficult because they take a lot of   time to heal.  You cannot begin to return to your daily activities until you talk to your health care provider. Also your symptoms need to reduce drastically before your health care provider will allow you to return. And the only way for you to be in the condition to return is to REST!

  • SLEEP!
The CDC recommends that a person who suffers from a concussion gets lots of sleep at night. Like rest during the day, sleep at night will help speed up the healing process.


The CDC explains that you must avoid activities that are tasks that are demanding. The CDC gives examples such as housecleaning or working out.  Engaging in these types of activities can make the recovery process slower.



The CDC recommends that you completely avoid sports while healing from a concussion. The CDC also explains that roller coasters and other high speed rides can slow the healing process and even make symptoms worse.


Once your doctor clears you to start performing normal tasks again, you must do so slowly! Do not try to take on all of your daily routines at once. Your doctor can give you instructions on when to return to work, and when you can become active again. The CDC also cautions that you must only take the drugs that your health care professional approves.  This includes not drinking alcoholic drinks until your health care professional allows it.


The CDC recommends that you write down things that you need to remember. Also, do one task at a time. You should also always contact a family member or someone you trust if you need to make important decisions. Further, always remember to eat and rest. And try to avoid long use of computers or playing video games.

Taking Care of Children

Children should:

  • Rest! Like adults, this is the most important part of the healing. So make sure children are going to bed early and not having sleepovers.
  • The CDC recommends that a child should avoid high-speed activities such as bicycling, or recreational activities including sports. Parents need to make sure that children do not return to these activities until a doctor has allowed them to do so. Furthermore, make sure you only give children the drugs that are prescribed and/or recommended by the doctor.
  • The CDC also recommends that parents discuss concussion information with other parents, teachers, coaches, etc.

Remember, try to stay positive. Some concussions will take longer to heal than others. For example, the CDC explains that if you already had a medical condition, it may take you longer to heal from the concussion. Furthermore, anxiety and depression can sometimes make it harder to cope with concussion symptoms. Always makes sure that you avoid anymore bumps or blows to the head. Receiving another concussion before the first one has healed can result in permanent brain damage and sometimes death, specifically among children and teenagers.


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